Our Story

When I first moved to Florida and bought a house, I was very surprised to find algae growing everywhere on my property. I did exactly what most homeowners did and bought a pressure washer and started blasting away at it. Little did I know that this ritual would have to be repeated every six months. When the pressure washer started leaking and I was faced with buying another one is when I decided to find a better way.

Having seen algaecides used successfully on golf courses when I was younger, I contacted my nephew who is biochemical engineer to see if he could help. About a week later he sent me a list of ingredients and what proportions to mix them in. I bought the chemicals, mixed them up and sprayed them on my pool enclosure. I really wasn’t expecting much but figured any reprieve from pressure washing I could get would be great. Fast forward three years and my pool cage still looked like I just cleaned it yesterday. By this time I had also applied it to my driveway, sidewalk, roof and anywhere else this stuff was growing.


About Us


I then decided this was something everyone could use. I bought a commercial sprayer and placed an ad in a local coupon book in Cape Coral, FL and soon found out that I wasn’t the only one who was fed up with pressure washing. I got jobs spraying pool cages, driveways, pavers, sidewalks, fences and you name it.

After a little research and finding that this algae was a problem everywhere in the Southeastern US, I decided that this would a good business for anyone who likes to work outdoors. I put together a business package including a field tested sprayer, a starter amount of product and some advertising assistance. I advertised this business on Craigslist and have since sold over forty franchises. Between all of us we have thousands of happy customers. They are getting even happier when they find out this product actually lasts as long as we say it does and their pressure washers are rusting away in the garage.

Denis Goulet
Founder and CEO
Permaguard Coatings LLC